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ThreatConnect for
Energy & Utilities

All it takes is one unsecured endpoint for an attack to cripple the most critical infrastructure. Protecting endpoints, from corporate laptops to Industrial Control Systems and SCADA systems, is a complex task. With ThreatConnect®, security teams have a comprehensive platform to detect and defend against threats that target energy and utility companies.

Understand Indicator Relevancy and Gain Context on Threats

With ThreatConnect, you can understand what information is relevant to your organization and consume indicators from a number of different locations and sources such as E-ISAC, SCADA, ONG-ISAC, and DHS. We provide an easy way to find relevant threats and gain more context, such as attack patterns or previous victims.

Define, Document, and Automate Processes Across Teams

ThreatConnect Playbooks allow utility companies to document standardized processes and automate to ensure consistency and fast response. You can integrate ThreatConnect with pre-existing technologies to make them more efficient and reliable.