MAXIMUM Efficiency

Automation + Orchestration + Threat and Risk Intelligence

The combination of automation and intelligence is at the heart of SOC Modernization. The to-do list is endless and  growing across under-staffed and overworked teams. Threat detection and response activities are often manual and take too much time.Processes across teams are fragmented and disconnected. Whether reacting to an active attack or planning for tomorrow’s, with ThreatConnect, security teams can quickly and confidently take the right actions.

Automate and Speed Operations

Drowning in a sea of alerts and dealing with menial, repetitive tasks prevents security operations  teams from achieving maximum efficiency. To truly achieve SOC modernization teams must leverage process automation as a  force multiplier for security operations.

  • Automate the association of threat intelligence to incidents
  • Resolve alerts faster by automating repetitive tasks
  • Reduce mean-time-to-detect, respond  and remediate

Confidently Defend Against Risk-Prioritized Threats

Security operations modernization requires organizations fuse threat intelligence across teams and functions (vulnerability management, incident response)  so  analysts make informed decisions. Security operations and orchestration powered  by threat intelligence makes security teams  more focused and effective, and the business more resilient.

  • Leverage built-in, native intel-driven automation and standardization
  • Get prioritized recommendations tied to financial risk, loss exposure, and security control maturity
  • Rank CVEs by financial risk to the business

Create a Feedback Loop Between Response and Intelligence

Insights from operational intelligence fuels decision-making and informs the needed actions against a threat – going beyond historical knowledge to being able to predict where an adversary is likely to attack next.

  • Orchestration and operations informs Intelligence
  • Maximize the quantity and quality of threat intel collected from day-to-day operations
  • Compare security scenarios for better business collaboration to reduce financial and cyber risk

Evolve and Grow into the Use Cases for Maximum Impact

The ThreatConnect Platform was specifically designed to help organizations understand adversaries, threats and risks, automate workflows, and mitigate threats faster. Because there are organizations at every maturity level, the ThreatConnect Platform will adapt with an organization as its needs evolve.