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Threat Hunting

With the number of cyber threats on the rise, more and more businesses are prioritizing proactive threat hunting within their cybersecurity security function. Platforms like ThreatConnect help support this by providing technology to find previously undetected threats inhabiting their infrastructure.

Cyber Threat Hunting Vs Threat Intelligence

Threat-hunting solutions enable Security Operations (SecOps) experts to locate advanced persistent threats that bypass your network’s defenses. Effective threat hunting needs a robust Threat Intelligence Platform with high-fidelity threat intelligence, and automation and orchestration. 

In practice, accurate tactical threat hunting begins with threat intelligence. Your in-house teams share information about potential threats and initiate investigations. Then, they collaborate to identify potential new Indicators of Compromise and the effectiveness of current system defenses. They build on this data to inform new strategies, institute new protocols, and strengthen defenses against future attacks using similar methods or entry points.

Why Your Security Teams Needs CTI for Threat-Hunting

Imagine your SecOps team and automated cybersecurity measures can stop 75% of the threats they face each day. That figure would still leave 25% unaddressed. The chances are high that amount includes very sophisticated attackers who slipped by your perimeter security and are lurking undetected in your systems.

These intruders may hang around for weeks or months, exploring what’s of value. They may take critical data hostage or steal credentials allowing them to access privileged accounts. The longer they remain under your radar and in your network, the more likely they become advanced persistent threats capable of substantial damage or data compromise. As a result, your organization could experience significant financial and reputational losses that take years to recover from.

With an effective threat-hunting solution, you can reduce the time to discovery to limit the potential negative consequences of undetected threats.

Benefits of ThreatConnect for Threat Hunting

Why trust ThreatConnect to help with your threat hunting and threat intelligence efforts? Some key reasons we’re a market leader include:

  • Relevant, high-fidelity threat intelligence: Don’t waste time investigating low-value indicators and TTPs. Power your threat hunting with threat intelligence relevant and specific to your enterprise and industry.
  • Find complex relationships: ThreatConnect allows you to visualize the relationships and connections between threat intel with our Threat Graph and ATT&CK Visualizer, making threat hunting faster and easier.
  • Scale your threat hunting: Leverage built-in and low-code automation to make your threat hunting more efficient and scalable. Automated Enrichment adds context to threat intelligence while Playbook automation allows you to scale out repetitive tasks used in your hunting work.
  • Enhance collaboration: Centrally collect and share findings from your threat hunts and memorialize new threat intelligence that can be used across security teams.

Get a ThreatConnect Demo to See the Industry’s Only TI Ops Platform in Action

Our integrated solution spans your enterprise and current tech stack to provide centralized threat intelligence to help with threat-hunting. See our platform in action by watching a virtual product tour, or take a deeper dive to understand how we can address your organization’s threat intelligence and threat hunting needs, and request a customized demo.