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Smarter Security Series – Unified Alert Response: A Use Case for All Security Tools

Devin Somppi, VP of Cybersecurity at the Decisive Group, applauds the excellent potential and capabilities of ThreatConnect. According to Devin, ThreatConnect aims to substantially alleviate analysts’ challenges by providing an intermediate layer across different security tools and facilitating swift pivoting.

One of the more outstanding features The ThreatConnect Platform offers is its capacity to unify alerts from various sources. Whether the alert is generated from a firewall, a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system, or an endpoint log, ThreatConnect efficiently serves as a centralized hub where all these alerts converge, thereby saving analysts time and effort.

Devin reveals that ThreatConnect fully automates all these processes. CAL Insights is a web application where alerts can easily be ingested, unified, standardized, and presented to the analyst in ThreatConnect cases. This capability allows for all generated alerts to be presented clearly and concisely in one centralized place instead of having to open numerous windows to investigate a given matter, thus substantially simplifying analysts’ tasks.

Dive into the video to learn more about ThreatConnect’s CAL and anonymously leverage the billions of data points from the many thousands of analysts that use the ThreatConnect Platform. Gain immediate insights into how open source feeds are performing in the real world and see how widespread and relevant a threat is for better prioritization of threats.