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ThreatConnect Acquires Polarity to Transform How Security Uses Intelligence
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Smarter Security Series – The ThreatConnect Difference

smarter security series: the ThreatConnect difference watch now

In this video of the Decisive Group Interview Series, Devin Somppi, VP of Cybersecurity at the Decisive Group, reveals what made their firm choose ThreatConnect as their Threat Intelligence Operations platform. He explains the Decisive Group’s need for a reliable and efficient source of useful Threat Intel. After exploring multiple options, Devin was amazed by ThreatConnect’s exceptional analytics around open-source intel. The platform provided valuable insights for analysts without the need to tediously peruse several platforms.

Devin talks highly about CAL (Collective Analytics Layer), a handy feature of ThreatConnect, which swiftly deduplicates data and provides reliable information on possible threats. Through the CAL feature, ThreatConnect can effectively offer important context around the data, enabling analysts to quickly evaluate the levels of threat posed by different data sources.

He was notably appreciative of the seamless integration ThreatConnect offered with their existing systems. Its function as a unifier among varying technologies accelerated the team’s efficiency and reduced their time to action, a significant merit in the realm of cybersecurity.

Watch this video to gain valuable insights into the benefits and functions of The ThreatConnect Platform directly from an active user’s perspective.