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Smarter Security Series – Demystifying the Deep and Dark Web Intel

In the final video of this installment of the Smarter Security Series, Devin Somppi and Lara Meadows bring into focus the much-discussed, sometimes feared, realms of the deep and dark web. The duo dissects what these terms mean, not just to tech wizards but also to business leaders and key decision-makers.

Devin emphasizes that the whole dialogue around the deep and dark web is sometimes inflated due to a lack of understanding.

The question Devin poses, is how do you determine what is deep web or dark web traffic, and how crucial is that data for you?

While discussions of the deep and dark web are dominating many boardrooms, Devin warns organizations to avoid tunnel vision. It is not just about checking a box in terms of coverage. Instead, incorporation of such intel should bolster your threat intelligence program, ultimately contributing to business outcomes.

His stance is solid; implementing advanced cybersecurity measures is akin to driving a top-notch sports car. If you aren’t equipped with the basic knowledge, even the best systems won’t deliver the results you need.

This video throws light on a key tenet of cybersecurity— questioning whether your tactics are yielding the anticipated outcomes. Is your security team benefiting? Are your operations and dev ops team aligned? If your organization doesn’t have the resources, should you partner with an expert?

Watch the interview below!