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Smarter Security Series – Fail Fast Fail Hard in Incident Response

In this video, Devin Somppi, VP of Cybersecurity at Decisive Group, dives into one of the evolving trends in cybersecurity: The Transformation of Incident Response with Lara Meadows, VP of Sales Engineering at ThreatConnect.

Traditionally, incident response teams have been perceived as tactical tiger teams, readily deployed to handle burgeoning crises. However, Devin enlightens us that incident response now encapsulates the principle of “failing fast and failing hard.” It requires quick, effective decisions to ensure minimal interruption to a business’s operations.

Lara points out how threat intelligence is not merely an “add-on” but forms the backbone of any security setup. Without understanding the context of security alerts, they can appear terrifying and overwhelming. Incorporating threat intelligence can provide the needed context to understand alerts and their implications.

Devin and Lara’s insights remind us that security strategies are continuously evolving. By integrating new practices and breaking from traditional mindsets, we can create more resilient business models for tomorrow.

Mobilize your incident response strategy today and fortify your business for the future. Tune in to the full video for more insights. Let’s learn, adapt, and evolve together.