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ThreatConnect Acquires Polarity to Transform How Security Uses Intelligence
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Smarter Security – Expert Insights on Alert Fatigue, New Technologies, and Detection Systems

Lara Meadows interviews seasoned incident response specialist Matt Scheurer on the ever-evolving challenges in cybersecurity. Matt discusses the complexities faced with alert fatigue, the integration of new technologies, and the critical importance of fine-tuning detection systems to prevent analyst burnout. He highlights the shift towards cloud-based systems and how this increases vulnerabilities, particularly concerning the supply chain. He candidly shares examples where even remediated issues resurface, creating ongoing cycles of vulnerability. The conversation pivots to the prevalence of leaked secrets, such as passwords and API keys, stressing that being proactive in security testing is non-negotiable. The adversaries are tenacious, making it crucial to discover gaps before they do. Matt’s passion is tangible as he shares his commitment to spreading awareness and helping organizations strengthen their security stance and reduce their attack surface.