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Smarter Security – Evolving Security Operations in the Cloud Era: Challenges and Solutions

In a recent edition of our Smarter Security Series, ThreatConnect’s VP of Sales Engineering, Lara Meadows, had the privilege of interviewing Matt Scheurer, the AVP for Computer Security and Incident Response in the Financial Services Industry. Growing up in the early days of technology, Matt has always been thrilled about the potential of tech security. A trendsetter in his realm, he talks about the times when people started realizing the importance of securing their networks from potential threats. His passion was ignited when he had the opportunity to explore Dan Farmer’s vulnerability scanner called Satan, a tool that served dual purposes: enabling users to scan their networks for vulnerabilities and fortify their environment and, at the same time, allowing people to find vulnerable environments which could be ripe for exploitation. Interestingly, Matt’s actual entry into the sector as a professional was a bit unconventional. From system administration to security, the transition was filled with more than a few moments of doubt and uncertainty. Since then, Matt has become a recognized figure in the industry, regularly speaking at high-profile conferences on a host of issues, from digital forensics and incident response to offensive security tools, ways to exploit web APIs, and even how to defeat antivirus solutions. All in all, Matt’s journey is a testament to the fact that passion, coupled with relentless learning and adapting to changing times, is key to success in the ever-evolving field of information security.