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ThreatConnect Acquires Polarity to Transform How Security Uses Intelligence
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Operationalizing Risk Quantification for Smarter Security

Operationalizing Cyber risk quantification process by IBM and ThreatConnect

How can organizations effectively analyze and communicate cyber risk to make the best possible investment and prioritization decisions? 

In this joint whitepaper from IBM and ThreatConnect, we’ll highlight the significant financial and operational benefits of adopting a cyber risk quantification approach and explore the top 5 use cases that enterprises are adopting.

Use Cases We’ll Explore:

  • Cyber Risk Reporting to Executives and Boards of Directors
  • Security Spend Optimization
  • Cyber Program Roadmap Planning
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Enterprise Risk Program Development

Gain valuable insights on making informed decisions at all levels of your security organization and discover how leading organizations are revolutionizing their cybersecurity strategies by analyzing risk in financial terms.

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