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Evolved Threat Intel Lifecycle Infographic

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Lifecycle of threat intelligence

The cyber threat intel lifecycle has been around for close to twenty years, and has been the de facto approach to operating a threat intel function. However, as threat intelligence needs to be operationalized, the lifecycle is showing its limits. 

An Evolved Threat Intel Lifecycle is required that accounts for both the production and consumption of threat intelligence, and becomes a robust and sustainable process delivering high-fidelity threat intel to consumers that 

  • Meets the needs and requirements of consumers 
  • Is delivered at the right time and place
  • Is actionable
  • Has demonstrable value

Download the Evolved Threat Intel Lifecycle Infographic to learn about this new, and improved version of the threat intel lifecycle.

You also don’t want to miss our on-demand webinar The Need for an Evolved Threat Intel Lifecycle.

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