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Cyber Squared Inc. Announces Partnership with Malformity Labs

ThreatConnect Users Can Take Advantage of Paterva’s Maltego for a Clear Threat Picture of Their Environment

Cyber Squared Inc. announced today that ThreatConnect™, the leading threat intelligence platform, has entered into a partnership with Malformity Labs, LLC, a company that builds solutions using Paterva’s Maltego, an open source intelligence and forensics application.

Using ThreatConnect’s API, Malformity Labs has developed a full transform set that allows for data from ThreatConnect to be integrated with the capabilities of Maltego.

“We are very excited for our customers. Having the power of Maltego at their fingertips gives our customers an extremely flexible way to visualize their threat intelligence as well as overlay threat intelligence from ThreatConnect communities that they participate in,” said Cyber Squared CEO Adam Vincent. “Our customers can visually analyze and track relationships, threats, infrastructure and more. Being able to quickly visualize data from ThreatConnect and pivot to a multitude of other data sources has always been the goal of ThreatConnect. Now with Malformity Labs and the ability to provide Maltego capabilities to our customers, that vision becomes a reality.”

Maltego offers a graphical interface that makes seeing relationships between documents and files, domains, DNS names, netblocks, and IP addresses instant and accurate – making it possible to see connections with several degrees of separation. Together, Cyber Squared and Malformity Labs have created a full integration with the ThreatConnect™ API which includes well over 100 transforms to fully leverage the power of both Maltego and ThreatConnect’s ability to model threats and the relationships between the malware, infrastructure, and adversary personas responsible for the activity.

All ThreatConnect customers can take advantage of the Maltego transform set through the ThreatConnect™ API and a provided transform server. They can use this to:

  • Visualize the relationship between incidents, threats, adversaries, and indicators,
  • Leverage attributes belonging to indicators and threats to create Maltego Graphs without losing any of the contextual data within ThreatConnect, and
  • Pivot from ThreatConnect data and external open source data sources using other transform sets within Maltego.

“Malformity Labs is proud to build the best solutions for our customers using Maltego,” said Keith Gilbert, Founder of Malformity Labs. “We partnered with Cyber Squared because we believe that ThreatConnect provides unique insight, context, and overall better awareness of the sophisticated threats targeting businesses and industries today. We know that with the powerful knowledge embedded within ThreatConnect that Maltego can only serve to enhance the end user’s experience for the better.”

For more information on ThreatConnect, please visit For more information on Malformity Labs, visit

About Cyber Squared Inc.

Cyber Squared Inc., is recognized globally as a leading provider of advanced threat intelligence products and services. Cyber Squared’s flagship product, ThreatConnect® is an enterprise threat intelligence platform that bridges incident response, defense, and threat analysis. More than 2,500 users and organizations worldwide leverage the power of ThreatConnect both on-premises and in the cloud to increase productivity and deliver dynamic knowledge management, high context indicators, and automated responses to aggregate, analyze, and act to counter sophisticated cyber-attacks.  ThreatConnect can be accessed by visiting Learn more about Cyber Squared Inc. at

About Malformity Labs, LLC

Malformity Labs was founded in 2013 by Keith Gilbert with the goal of providing analysts, responders, and researchers with unique access to data in a cost effective manner. By partnering with unique and innovative organizations, Malformity Labs gives customers and customers of partners the ability to graphically analyze their data in order to more quickly identify links of interest using Maltego by Paterva.

Malformity Labs also offers custom transform development services for customers who have data they would like to access via Maltego. For more information about partners and services, visit