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SiRAcon 2023

Walmart Global Tech in Reston, VA


May19 2023
Society of Information Risk Analysts Annual Conference 2023 on Measuring Extremes

SiRA (Society of Information Risk Analysts) is a professional organization founded in 2010 that promotes the practice of quantitative information risk management and provides resources and support for professionals working in the field. Members of SIRA include information risk management practitioners, security and risk analysts, decision support and data science professionals, and other measurement and metrics experts who work in the field of information technology.

SiRAcon is an annual professional conference that brings together experts and practitioners in the field of information risk management to discuss the latest trends, techniques, and best practices in the field. The conference typically includes presentations, panel discussions, networking events, and is an opportunity for professionals working in the field to learn from one another and exchange ideas.

ThreatConnect is a sponsor of SiRAcon and we look forward to seeing you at our booth! Stop by our booth to learn about ThreatConnect Risk Quantification.

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