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Maturing Cybersecurity Infrastructure with Intelligence-Powered Security Operations



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Learn about the persistent threat, lessons for the future, and how ThreatConnect is working to protect its customers.


The customer was facing the following challenges:

1. Immature security stack with multiple silos.

2. Primarily using manual methods to track Indicators of Compromise (IOCs).

3. Lack of context around OSINT feeds and understanding what is credible.

4. Lacked a solution that allows information to be easily shared between a Threat Intelligence Team and a Security Operations Team.

5. Lacked the ability to manage and analyze the collected threat data to characterize and prioritize into actionable threat intelligence for threat hunting, incident response, or security defense tools.


ThreatConnect provided the following solutions:

1. ThreatConnect removes silos around data and connects processes between SOC analysts, Incident Responders, and Cyber Threat Intelligence analysts by providing a common platform for them to execute daily tasks and manage their workflows together. When the team is freed up from focusing on manual and mundane tasks, morale improves and existing technology investments are able to be leveraged more strategically, and productivity and effectiveness can scale to meet the business needs.

2. ThreatConnect’s Collective Analytics Layer or CAL™ helps teams learn about the reputation of IOCs and apply classifiers to help facilitate faster decision making by prioritizing what matters most. CAL can help remove junk IOCs, determine credibility of IOCs, and identify which feeds to enable, equipping the team with the information needed to have a proactive defense. ThreatConnect aggregates hundreds of OSINT and commercial sources of threat intelligence and allows teams to create their own prioritized threat landscape with internally derived threat intelligence as well. However, we don’t stop there. Context on IOCs and known threat groups is critical.

3. With ThreatConnect’s report cards, analysts can easily see any feed’s performance to understand variables such as a feed’s reliability rating and unique indicators, when it was first reported, and its scoring disposition. These insights are designed to help make better decisions during threat analysis and investigation.

4. ThreatConnect creates a centralized repository of threat data to collect, contextualize and disseminate data to the security team and their tools. With ThreatConnect’s SOAR, organizations can record, analyze, and interact with all of the information related to a case from one place. With this, teams can enrich cases leveraging internal and external threat intelligence and add learned intelligence back into the platform itself. This ultimately creates a feedback loop to ensure information is constantly being both gathered and applied for smarter decision making.

5. Free the team from mundane data collection tasks to focus on analysis and response. Leveraging the power of an integrated TIP & SOAR, this organization was able to harness the power of intelligence-driven operations to be more effective, resilient, and adaptive. An intelligence driven approach provides intelligence on an adversary’s capabilities, attack patterns, and informs how you build and configure your orchestration capabilities to defend your network better. Intelligence and orchestration together provide the situational awareness and context that is needed when trying to extract meaning from data and apply it within a changing environment.



ThreatConnect’s CAL™ is an innovative architecture that distills billions of data points, offering immediate insights into the nature, prevalence, and relevance of a threat. CAL provides global context that leverages anonymously shared insights from ThreatConnect users, open-source intelligence, malware intelligence and more, providing global context that has never before been available.


Even for the most skilled teams, keeping up with the threat landscape, complex IT environments, evolving regulatory environments, and constant security alerts is not easy to achieve, much less quickly. This organization recognized their need to mature their security operations and chose their solution based on the concept of leveraging intelligence-driven operations. It was imperative that they have flexibility to control the right levels of automation and have the ability to automate entire actions or specific aspects of actions that fit their unique needs.

Leveraging ThreatConnect’s Playbooks to automate and solidify their processes, and Case Management capabilities to memorialize and structure their workflows, they were able to reduce the time it takes to uncover relevant threat intelligence while working cases and mitigate the risks of spending significant time chasing false positives. Using customizable dashboards, they were able to visualize the data and monitor security operations and intelligence across teams, which enabled them to quantify their return on investment of automating and orchestrating their activities over time.


Reaching their strategic goals of maturing their security operations is not an overnight transformation. They were looking for a partner to come alongside them, helping them recognize and set critical benchmarks for their processes and programs as it grows and changes over time. ThreatConnect’s Customer Success team is committed to helping to minimize risks and maximize the value that an integrated TIP and SOAR platform brings. The Customer Success team helped them as they defined their strategic and tactical objectives, and worked alongside them to configure and deploy their instance and required integrations. Ultimately, ThreatConnect laid the foundation for intelligence-based decision making and cross-team collaboration, equipping them with an infrastructure they can build upon for years to come.