Research Team

Globally-acknowledged, dedicated cybersecurity experts

Pioneers of Threat Intelligence

The ThreatConnect® Research Team is an elite group of globally-acknowledged cybersecurity experts, dedicated to tracking down existing and emerging cyber threats. Using the Platform, we scrutinize trends, technology, and socio-political motivators to develop comprehensive knowledge of the cyber landscape. Then, we share what we’ve learned in the platform so that you can protect your organization, and your team can take precise action against threats.

Stronger Together

Every day, the ThreatConnect Research Team provides users across the globe actionable, context-rich threat intelligence. Whether you’re active in our Common Community, or you’re benefitting from the in-depth analysis and signatures available through our ThreatConnect Intelligence Source, the research team is tirelessly working to help defend your organization from cyber attacks.

Cutting-Edge Research

Multiple times per year, the team produces threat reports and research-based blog articles on specific incidents and actors. These documents provide you much-needed insights that you otherwise couldn’t get on your own. The data from the team’s findings is stored in the ThreatConnect Platform for easy use and analysis. Download these reports on the ThreatConnect website in the resources section or explore our blog to learn more.

For Analysts, By Analysts™️

The research team uses ThreatConnect. Every day. As a company, we believe the best way to ensure the value of our platform to users, as well as get everyone in the community to share with one another, is to lead by example. That’s why the research team is constantly analyzing open source intelligence, adding context, and sharing key findings in the platform and social media channels.

Pioneering Innovation

As the only true cybersecurity platform available, ThreatConnect sets itself apart by allowing you to build and host apps on the platform. But, that’s not all. The research team identifies the most commonly needed applications, builds them, and provides them through the TC Exchange. This is just one way that ThreatConnect is constantly innovating and constantly providing you additional value.