ThreatConnect’s CAL™

Collective Analytics Layer

Enhance Intelligence through Global Context

Get immediate insight
from billions of data points

The ThreatConnect® Platform already helps you identify threats with your own data. Now, with our CAL™ (Collective Analytics Layer), ThreatConnect provides an anonymous way to learn how many times potential threats were identified across all participating platform instances.

By distilling billions of data points, this innovative feature offers immediate insight into how widespread and relevant the threat is, providing global context that has never before been available.

Shift to a Proactive Defense with CAL Feeds

Not only can CAL give you answers about intelligence you care about, CAL Feeds can tell you what’s worth asking about. The initial four feeds (with plans to add more) help you to develop more actionable insights. With CAL Feeds, the immense dataset and analytics already found within CAL are paired with the tradecraft of our Research Team to identify pockets of intelligence that are fertile hunting grounds for teams of all sizes and maturity levels.

Currently Available CAL Feeds

  • CAL Suspicious New Resolution IPs
  • CAL Suspicious Newly Registered Domains
  • CAL Suspicious Nameservers
  • CAL Suspected Ranking Manipulator

Strengthen your threat intelligence

With ThreatConnect’s CAL, you learn whether your indicators are:
  • Accurate

    How many false positive reports an indicator has received from all ThreatConnect instances

  • Timely

    How recently an indicator was reported by a source

  • Dated

    When an indicator was reported by a source for the first time

  • Validated

    Why an indicator is not malicious (e.g. inclusion in public whitelists)

  • Pervasive

    How many times an indicator has been observed in ThreatConnect users’ networks

  • Notable

    How many page views an indicator has in the ThreatConnect Platform

  • Common

    Which sources an indicator appears in


Why is CAL data important?

CAL provides anonymized, crowdsourced intel about your threats and indicators. It leverages the collective insight of the thousands of analysts who use ThreatConnect around the globe to provide you with even more context regarding your indicators and threats. The more you know about a threat and the sooner you know it, the better equipped you are to fight it.

Where can I find CAL intelligence?

CAL intelligence can be found on the Details page and Browse Screen flyout for Indicators in the ThreatConnect Platform.

How soon can I access all of this valuable intelligence?

Right now! CAL is currently active in the ThreatConnect Platform.

Wait. Does this mean other people can see my data?

Absolutely not. CAL does not attribute indicator data to a particular ThreatConnect customer instance or user. All resulting data is reported in the form of global counts and has been de-identified so that the ThreatConnect customer or user source remains anonymous. No matter what deployment you choose, your data is completely secure.

Does CAL get data from all ThreatConnect instances?

Yes, unless someone has opted out of CAL. However, you will not know where the data comes from due to the anonymity of the data.

Is it possible to opt out of CAL?

You could, but we’re not sure you want to. If you opt out, you will not be able to see CAL’s valuable data. But, dedicated cloud or on-premises users have the option to opt-out of allowing their data to be used in CAL if they would like. Cloud users are automatically part of CAL.

What’s the difference between ThreatAssess and CAL in the platform?

ThreatAssess and CAL are both made possible by ThreatConnect’s powerful analytics in the platform. ThreatAssess is a score derived just from your data where CAL is the result of global data across the ThreatConnect community of users and partners.

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