ThreatConnect’s CAL™

Collective Analytics Layer

Enrich intelligence with real-time insights into threats and indicators, and leverage insights from the ThreatConnect user community around the globe.

Maximize Insights
Maximize Efficiency
Faster Decisions
Reduce Alert Fatigue
Optimize Performance
Move to Proactive

Maximize Insights About Global Threats

ThreatConnect’s CAL™ anonymously leverages the billions of data points from the many thousands of analysts that use the ThreatConnect Platform. Gain immediate insights into how open source feeds are performing in the real world and see how widespread and relevant a threat is for better prioritization of threats.

Maximize Efficiency with
Indicator Reputation

CAL leverages machine learning to combine data and the disposition of billions of indicators with the in-platform scoring of ThreatAssess. This reputation analysis scores the critically of an indicator of compromise (IOC) on a single numeric scale to better prioritize decision-making.

Faster Decisions Using Classifiers

CAL applies Classifiers to indicators to enable the security team to maximize efficiency with faster decision-making. These identify an IOC’s infrastructure provider, what services it’s used for, and how it’s performing across all participating ThreatConnect users.

Prioritize IOCs to Reduce
Alert Fatigue

CAL’s analytics help you maximize efficiency by removing low or no priority IOC’s from your system. The benefits include less time wasted on false positives, less alert fatigue, and more time spent on important things. The ThreatConnect Platform, your security information and event manager (SIEM), and your workflows will all run faster.

Compare Feeds to Optimize Performance

CAL’s Report Cards allow you to understand how your intelligence source feeds are performing. Learn which sources are providing unique IOC’s, which ones are the first to report IOC’s, and which ones are the most applicable to your organization’s goals.

Move From Reactive to Proactive

CAL Feeds can identify new and important areas of insight for your team that merit investigation. CAL is a native capability across the entire ThreatConnect Platform combining large datasets and analytics to discover actionable and timely insights and proactively identify the most productive hunting grounds targets for teams of all sizes and maturity levels.