Learn More About STIX and TAXII and How they Enhance Intelligence Sharing

According to the 2015 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, 40% of attacks hit a second organization within an hour. Sharing threat intelligence and collaborating with your peers, vendors and partners, is not optional to protect your network. STIX TAXII or  Structured Threat Information Expression™ and Trusted Automated eXchange of Indicator Information™ are community-supported specifications designed to enable automated information sharing for cybersecurity situational awareness, real-time network defense, and complex threat analysis.

ThreatConnect® supports STIX and TAXII standards in our cybersecurity platform, we support these emerging standards in our industry to enable effective sharing of cyber threat data and allow our users to act on that data with our powerful API integrations with your SIEMs, firewalls, and other endpoint protection solutions. Let’s work together to make sure we stop breaches before they hit a second organization!