By Use Case

Prioritize Security Initiatives Based on Financial Impact of Risk

RQ automates cyber risk quantification in hours to provide you with risk and financial models based on your business, your technical environment, and industry data. You make better decisions to reduce cybersecurity risk when you can communicate the impact of budget changes, new digital applications and the financial risk it represents to the organization.

Communicate Cyber Risks in Financial Terms

Security leaders need a way to express loss exposure in case of a breach with solid numbers. You need to be able to answer questions with confidence about the financial impact and risk associated with a breach for new and existing applications. You don’t have months to spend on consulting engagements and creating spreadsheets.

RQ enables you to automatically quantify cyber-risk into real monetary value that is easily understood.

  • Make better decisions to reduce cybersecurity risk
  • Identify and communicate the cybersecurity risks that matter most to your organization
  • Define corporate risk tolerance and prioritize security initiatives
  • Use automation to model security scenarios to show trade-offs between reducing loss exposure and optimal customer experience
  • Benchmark risk reduction and manage continuous improvement by groups, divisions or business entities

Save Time with Automated Cyber Risk Quantification

RQ automates the generation of financial cyber risk reporting as it relates to your business, cybersecurity initiatives, and controls. With this automation you can:

  • Critique, or tune application models over time, instead of having to create your own
  • Generate current and relevant reporting in hours
  • Save months of data collection and remove the burden of continuous updating

Prioritize Security Initiatives
by Financial Impact and Risk

RQ supports multiple frameworks so you can measure your efforts against industry standards. You receive prioritized recommendations to drive down risk so security teams know what to act on first. You benefit by:

Compare and Model Security Scenarios

RQ What If Analysis combines your inputs such as critical business applications, security controls levels with threat intelligence to automate risk and financial models. You receive automated calculation of:

• Risk reduction of proposed security control improvements
• Financial impact and risk of budget changes or new digital business initiatives
• Comparison of security controls to reduce risk vs. ideal customer experience