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ThreatConnect for Intelligence Sharing

ThreatConnect® makes it easier to share information across organizations and industries. This in turn allows these groups to use threat intelligence for a more proactive defense. ThreatConnect’s powerful capabilities create a complete solution for all businesses and communities whether your organization is an information sharing analysis center (ISAC), a single enterprise sharing across departments, or in a private community with your partners.

Collaboration with Industry Groups

Our strategic partnerships and integration capabilities with respected organizations greatly simplify collaboration efforts. Whether it’s using the ThreatConnect Platform to get all members working out of one solution, or ingesting ISAC provided data feeds, we let community members share their threat intelligence and their resources for an improvement in the protection of their assets.

STIX and TAXII Support
Enables Sharing of Threat Intel

Using our TAXII server, all ThreatConnect customers can collect and send STIX formatted threat intelligence and connect compatible TAXII clients directly to indicator watchlists in ThreatConnect. Our TAXII server provisions unique ThreatConnect-exclusive metrics like observations, false positives, and ThreatAssess scores.

Enhance Intelligence
With Global Context

ThreatConnect’s CAL™ (Collective Analytics Layer) provides anonymized, crowdsourced intel about your threats and indicators. It leverages the collective insight of the more than the thousands of analysts who use ThreatConnect around the globe to provide you with even more context regarding your indicators and threats. The more you know about a threat and the sooner you know it, the better equipped you are to fight it.