Automate Cyber Risk Quantification and Align Security with Financial Impact and Risk

Identify the risks that matter most to your organization by quantifying cyber risk in financial terms with ThreatConnect Risk Quantifier™ (RQ)

ThreatConnect Risk Quantifier

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ThreatConnect Risk Quantifier Provides Relevancy and Context to Prioritize What to Focus on First

ThreatConnect Risk Quantifier 5.0 provides an industry first by prioritizing CVE’s by their financial impact if an exploit or attack is successful.  It enables security teams to focus on financial risk rather than severity scores that may or may not be relevant. This is especially true when security teams are inundated with alerts all professing high severity scores.

As any security analyst knows, a 10 does not necessarily mean a 10 across all businesses.  That is why RQ 5.0 prioritization of CVEs is so important for security teams right now.  Security teams can focus on the vulnerabilities that matter the most to the business. The result? Clear demonstration of how your security team is driving down risk for the organization.

“Out of 300 IT professionals surveyed by the Ponemon Institute, 72% said they had difficulty in prioritizing what needs to be patched. Sixty percent of those surveyed indicated that breaches at their organization were linked to a vulnerability where a patch was available, but not applied.”Ponemon Institute | Costs and Consequences of Gaps in Vulnerability Response, May 2020

Automate Risk and Financial Models to Calculate
Security Control Improvements and Reduce Financial Impact

Quickly model what changes in your security posture can create the best possible impact on financial risk and ROI. ThreatConnect Risk Quantifier shows the business what happens to financial risk when the budget is decreased. Show budgetary impacts without changing your baseline security data. What if Analysis allows you to answer the tough questions using real-world analysis to show the cyber risks associated with:

  • The addition of new entities (either through merger and acquisition or other activity) would do to the business
  • Increased  financial risk associated with rolling out applications without adequate protections
  • Financial risk that granting a security waiver (or exception) to an application does to the business

Evolve to Risk-led Security

With ThreatConnect RQ, you can quantify risk based on potential financial or operational impact, unifying security and the business to a common goal. With CRQ, TIP and SOAR capabilities combined, ThreatConnect unifies the actions of the security team around the most critical risks, supports their response with streamlined and automated workflows and strengthens the entire security ecosystem through powerful technology integrations.

Easily drive remediation and response activities, support investment decisions, and demonstrate return on security investments with a risk-led approach.