Make Cyber Risk Quantification a reality with ThreatConnect Risk Quantifier™ (RQ)

Identify the risks that matter most to your organization by quantifying cyber risk in financial terms

Assess, Align, and Prioritize

Use financially quantified risk results to set a risk appetite for cyber events with your business partners. Align business and security to a common, shared vision of what matters most that maps back to business priorities. Use this north star understanding to filter signal from the noise of daily alerts, keeping the team focused on remediation and response to the issues that matter most when integrated with a broader ThreatConnect implementation. This ensures that security is defending against the right threats and helps demonstrate the value of security to the rest of the business.

Strengthen your organization’s defense

Use the recommendations from RQ to drive improvements across processes and technology. Guide investments based on the bottom line – their ability to reduce financial risk to the organization. Ensure risk reduction by looking at gaps related to specific risk scenarios and focusing on what investments need to be made to drive down cyber risk financially.

Evolve to Risk-led Security

With ThreatConnect RQ, quantify risk based on potential financial or operational impact, unifying security and the business to a common goal. With CRQ, TIP and SOAR capabilities combined, ThreatConnect unifies the actions of the security team around the most critical risks, supports their response with streamlined and automated workflows and strengthens the entire security ecosystem through powerful technology integrations.

Easily drive remediation and response activities, support investment decisions, and demonstrate return on security investments with a risk-led approach.

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