ThreatConnect: The Smarter SOAR

The most valuable resource in SecOps: Security professionals’ attention

In a world of ever-growing data volumes and increasingly sophisticated threats, how do we help security analysts and incident responders focus on what matters most? How can we unite teams so that they can build robust and effective processes to eliminate wasted effort and accelerate response times? What will enable SecOps teams to prioritize accurately and consistently? The answer is to build a smarter SOAR, of course.

And We Call It Intelligence-Driven SOAR.

Using intelligence and orchestration together makes it possible for the platform to make decisions based on current situational awareness and historical patterns. This way, decision-making is both informed and adaptive, enabling security operations and incident response teams to solve real-world problems dynamically. Once threat intelligence has been used to drive orchestrated actions, the result of those actions can be used to create or enhance further threat intelligence. This intelligence-driven feedback loop empowers SecOps teams to work smarter not harder.

Increaing Volume & Sophistication of Attacks

The current reality is daunting: attacks continue to increase in volume and sophistication. And as threats diversify, it’s essential to add more tools and monitoring capabilities to protect your infrastructure, increasing the complexity of your security stack and the amount of data it generates.

An intelligent SOAR platform can serve as this central hub, supporting operational decision-making by assembling data from preexisting security technologies in one place where it can be synthesized, correlated and tracked. This makes event triage and incident response much more manageable. It also makes it possible for the security tools you’ve already implemented to finally deliver the value that they initially promised.

For example, one of the world’s largest financial institutions was able to reduce several hundred million SIEM events per month to a dozen by leveraging ThreatConnect’s intelligence-driven SOAR.

Improve Processes and Workflows

Strong workflow and process management capabilities enable SecOps teams to save time while enhancing effectiveness.

Intelligence-driven SOAR makes it possible to improve processes and workflows across the entirety of the incident lifecycle. Automated and templatized workflows can enable resource-constrained teams to make threat hunting a reality, while threat intelligence and process orchestration can reduce the amount of time that analysts spend on alerts and false positives.

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Provide Documentation & Metrics The Business Can Understand

When a SecOps team is highly successful, the result is zero downtime — something that no one in the business notices. When you’re able to create metrics around how well you’ve achieved specific outcomes, however, you can transform security operations professionals from unsung heroes to meaningful contributors to risk mitigation and business value.

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