Key Takeaways

Cybersecurity is now a critical enabler for most businesses to continue operating. And it needs to be framed in that way.

– Michael Daniel

Former White House cybersecurity policy advisor and the CEO of the Cyber Threat Alliance

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There’s no question that quantifying cyber risk is an urgent priority for executives in 2021. As nation state attacks increase and attack surfaces expand due to digital modernization and COVID-19, leaders are focusing on their team’s ability to accurately and quickly quantify and prioritize cyber risks within their business. But it’s one thing to identify a problem and another to have a solution in place.

Our readily-available Risk Quantifier™ (RQ) product helps you identify the risks that matter most to your organization by quantifying cyber risk in financial terms. With ThreatConnect RQ, you can easily defend your investments, show your ROI, and strengthen your defense — all with one platform. Why build your own solution when you can start benefiting from a proven one today? 

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