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IPSO Whitepaper
Smarter Security and Maximum Impact from Intelligence-Powered Security Operations
Cyber risk has long been acknowledged as one of the top risks facing companies of all sizes. Many security leaders struggle with communicating cyber risk in business and operational terms that matter to C-suite executives and boards of directors.
2021 Gartner Market Guide
Market Guide for Security Threat Intelligence Products and Services
Operationalizing Cyber Risk Quantification
ThreatConnect-Cyber Survey Report-Whitepaper
ThreatConnect Report: CyberSecurity Under Stress
ThreatConnect White Paper: Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)
intelligence-driven SOAR, orchestration, ThreatConnect
ThreatConnect White Paper: Intelligence-Driven SOAR
Risk, Threat, Response White Paper ThreatConnect
RISK | THREAT | RESPONSE: The Strategic Advantages of Shifting to a Risk-Led Security Program
At ThreatConnect, we believe the first step in tackling…
SANS Vulnerability Management Survey 2020
The SANS 2020 Automation and Integration Survey looks into how…
DGADetection White Paper
Detection of Automatically Generated Domain Names in Real-time with Machine Learning
In our ongoing mission to help make security practitioners faster…
SANS Survey: Improving the Bottom Line with Effective Security Metrics
Meaningful security metrics are critical for both accurate insight…
SANS Survey: Closing the Critical Skills Gap for Modern and Effective Security Operations Centers (SOCs)
The SANS survey “Closing the Critical Skills Gap for Modern…
SANS 2020 Automation and Integration Survey
The SANS 2020 Automation and Integration Survey looks into how…
SANS Women in Cybersecurity Survey: Spanning the Career Life Cycle
The goal of this survey is to help women entering and advancing…
2020 SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Survey
The 2020 SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence Survey gathered current…
Volume 2: Disrupting Adversary Infrastructure
Disrupting Adversary Infrastructure, Volume 2, ThreatConnect…
SANS 2019 Threat Hunting Survey: The Differing Needs of New and Experienced Hunters
The 2019 SANS Threat Hunting Survey gathered current industry…
Disrupting Adversary Infrastructure
Using the State of New York as an example, this white paper describes…
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