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Utilities and Energy Organization Achieves Higher Efficiency and Better Cyber Defense With One Platform

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Utilities and Energy Company Case Study

This large Utilities and Energy organization was struggling with outdated threat intelligence processes – relying heavily on manual aggregation and ad-hoc collaboration. They struggled with prioritizing threats, keeping cybersecurity spend within budget, responding effectively and efficiently, and generating actionable intelligence.

Implementing The ThreatConnect Platform revolutionized how this organization leveraged threat intelligence to improve its cyber defenses. It bridged the gap between their existing technologies and processes, providing a comprehensive solution that enabled their team to centralize threat intelligence data, automate workflows, integrate with other security tools, and measure performance.

ThreatConnect enabled this team to:

– Increase efficiency by 90%

– Save over $500K

– Save time by 74%

See how this large Utilities and Energy organization leveraged The ThreatConnect Platform to gain real-time visibility into potential threats and took proactive action to respond to threats rapidly – reducing the potential for attacks or disruptions to their critical processes and overall infrastructure.

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