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TQL & Dashboards: Better Insight into Your Threat Intelligence Operations

ThreatConnect’s new dashboards allow you to easily visualize data that shows the impact of your security efforts and gain a better understanding of the threats your organization faces. Join us for a training webinar where we’ll show you how you can set up dashboards tailored to your organization*. You’ll be able to automatically monitor your security operations and intelligence in a way that is actionable and meaningful for you and your team.

You’ll learn:
– About ThreatConnect’s Dashboarding capabilities: – Use ThreatConnect’s pre-designed widgets to monitor Recent History, Open Tasks, Active Incidents, Observations and False Positives. – Customize the size and layout of dashboard cards to prioritize how you are presented with relevant and actionable data.
– How to leverage the ThreatConnect Query Language (TQL): – Design, use, and save TQL queries – More complex TQL querying techniques (nesting, etc) – Employ custom metrics with dashboarding to visualize metrics that matter to you and your team.
-How to add custom metrics based on data from inside and outside of ThreatConnect (examples: track open tickets in your case management system to speed up time to resolution, or track activities taking place in your SIEM for increased visibility without leaving ThreatConnect).