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ThreatConnect White Paper: Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)

Today’s cybersecurity professionals face a myriad of challenges, including alert overload, incident prioritization and response and very innovative and relentless adversaries. On average, an enterprise SecOps team investigates only 48% of the alerts that it receives. Among these, only 26% are found to have any value or legitimacy whatsoever.

A modern Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) can help right the balance of power between attackers and defenders by allowing CTI teams to build, focus, and provide threat intelligence relevant to the business and showing SecOps teams exactly where to apply their efforts to yield maximum results. It serves as a single source of truth that enables security teams, IT leaders, and business decision-makers to better understand the threat and risk landscape that the organization must navigate and introduces Intelligence Driven Operations (IDO) to your business strategy.

Download the new white paper from ThreatConnect to understand how our Intel Driven Security Platform (SOAR+TIP) closes the gap between knowledge and action and how Risk-led Intelligence (RQ+TIP) helps to enable faster and better decisions.