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ThreatConnect Acquires Polarity to Transform How Security Uses Intelligence
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ThreatConnect For Threat Intel Analysts

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As a cyber threat intel (CTI) analyst, you’re tasked with aggregating and analyzing multiple data sources to turn into actionable intelligence but getting high-fidelity intel in the hands of the right people, and into the right tools, at the right time can be a challenge. 

With ThreatConnect, automate tasks and easily access data so you can get the information to other team members and tools for faster decision-making.ThreatConnect aggregates and normalizes data from internal and external sources, enriching intelligence with real-time insights from CAL, the ThreatConnect user community around the globe, and provides tools, like Graph View that allows you to pivot on groups and indicators, maximizing insights into threat actors and vulnerabilities. 

The ThreatConnect Platform enables CTI analysts to move from reactive to proactive so that you can spend time on more strategic efforts, like threat hunting. 

Learn more about ThreatConnect for Threat Intel Analysts by downloading the asset above.

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