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ThreatConnect Acquires Polarity to Transform How Security Uses Intelligence
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Threat Intelligence Processes are a Journey; Not a Destination

A decade ago manual analytics were all the rage. Unfortunately, yesterday’s processes can no longer scale to the threats of today. For example, many organizations are still convinced the answer to threat intelligence is a SIEM and vendor feeds – yet are complacent in allowing analysts to conduct highly repetitive and manual tasks versus enabling them to do what they do best, analyze threats.

View this webinar in which we will demonstrate how the right process paired with the right threat intelligence platform (TIP) are key in automating resource intensive aspects when running a threat intelligence team. Understanding what you are trying to achieve and building processes around that is more efficient and effective in the long run -allowing your organization to save time and money.

Learn how to:

  • Replace inefficiencies with automation so your team can focus on analysis
  • Prioritize the flood of notifications to know when and where to act
  • Use process and platform to maximize the potential of your team