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State Government and Intelligence-Powered Operations

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State Government Case Study

This State Government initiated efforts to enhance the threat intelligence community and collaboration statewide. However, they faced challenges with member adoption and uncontextualized threat data, resulting in false positives and inefficiency. To address these issues, their Cyber Threat Intelligence team sought a solution that could automate and operationalize their threat intelligence processes at scale. They required a centralized platform to aggregate and disseminate high-fidelity threat intelligence to their diverse range of members, as well as seamless integration with their existing tools and security operations.

Implementing the ThreatConnect Platform provided them with contextualized threat data and gave a clearer understanding of the potential risks and how to effectively leverage the intelligence within their operations. This improved collaboration and cybersecurity maturity levels across the State, empowering members to make informed decisions and prioritize critical alerts more effectively.

See how this State Government leveraged ThreatConnect and achieved intelligence-driven operations at scale, enhancing the maturity of analysts and their processes.

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