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Smarter Security Series with PWC Cyber Risk Expert

Smarter Security Expert Series with Yousef Ghazi - Tabatabai

Welcome to ThreatConnect’s Smarter Security Expert Series! We’re interviewing the brightest minds in the cyber industry and getting their expertise on current trends and tips and tricks for a successful modern security team. 

We’re joined by Yousef Ghazi-Tabataba – Director, Risk at PwC! Yousef sat down with our VP of Cyber Risk Products, Jerry Caponera, and shared his expertise on: 

  • How are organizations approaching risk quantification today?
  • What are some challenges with risk quantification, and how is it evolving?
  • How has the increase in ransomware attacks changed the risk posture for organizations?
  • How do companies manage the risk for low-frequency and high-severity events?
  • How does cyber insurance fit into an organization’s risk management strategy?

Tune in to our second installment of our Smarter Security Experts Series! Learn who Yousef Ghazi-Tabataba is, why cyber risk quantification is finally getting its moment, and how modern organizations should protect themselves with the significant increase of sophisticated cyber attacks. 

How Are Companies Approaching Cyber Risk Quantification Today?


What Are The Challenges With Risk Quantification and How Is It Evolving?


How Has The Increase In Ransomware Attacks Changed The Risk Posture For Companies?


How Do Companies Manage The Risk For Low Frequency & High Severity Events?


How Does Cyber Insurance Fit Into An Organization’s Risk Management Strategy?


About Yousef:

Yousef Ghazi-Tabataba is a Director in the PwC Risk Modeling Services UK team specializing in risk & financial models and their use in supporting business decisions and strategy. He leads the Cyber Risk Quantification team, supporting clients in putting a monetary value to their Cyber Risk and in understanding the risk reduction implications of investment decisions.