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Smarter Security Series – The Putty That Fits Into All Your Security Tools

Lara Meadows, VP of Sales Engineering at ThreatConnect, brought to light some significant issues that revolve around key integrations when dealing with clients and building their systems. In her discussion with Devin Somppi, VP of Cybersecurity at Decisive Group, they unravel numerous intriguing elements.

Devin paints a picture of the infinite possibilities offered through integrations with various security tools. His explanation brings forth the idea that organizations are no longer tied to a single tool or integration. This provides them the much-needed flexibility to use platforms that fit into their unique system grooves.

What caught our attention the most was Devin’s analogy of the ThreatConnect Platform being the ‘putty’ that fits into all grooves. This could be seen as an effective means of concentrating on specific areas and then branching out through automations, depending on what the system exhibits.

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