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ThreatConnect Acquires Polarity to Transform How Security Uses Intelligence
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Smarter Security Series – Meet The Decisive Group

The Decisive Group, formerly known as Bright Sky, has stirred interest with its distinctive approach to solving data center issues. The Decisive Group provides an array of customized solutions, extending from physical server rack stack management to the provision of its proprietary hybrid cloud services throughout Canada. What sets The Decisive Group apart, however, is their firm envelope of cybersecurity surrounding all their services. Whether it’s handling networking gear or offering managed cybersecurity services and solutions, this group has shown proficiency in analytical thinking and innovation.

As the VP of Cybersecurity, Devin handles all their internal as well as external cybersecurity needs, with ThreatConnect being one of its core platforms. This gives him the unique opportunity to both deploy and use ThreatConnect.

Being at the implementation end, as well as the user end of the platform, makes the operation interesting. They’re not just a team deploying the platform but also the pioneers who adapt it to accommodate unique challenges faced by their clients. The result is an innovative application of ThreatConnect that pushes beyond its originally intended limits, achieving extraordinary results.

With an inspired approach to cybersecurity, The Decisive Group looks set to continue to make a significant impact in the sphere of technology integrations.