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Smarter Security Series – Expanding Threat Intelligence Into DevOps

Devin Somppi, VP of Cybersecurity at the Decisive Group, made some pretty interesting revelations on the intersection of technology and problem-solving practices that often go unattended in security operations.

Devin and Lara Meadows, VP of Sales Engineering at ThreatConnect, pointed out that the most common phenomenon in these circles is the existence of forgotten scripts, drafted up hastily when a problem surfaces, then forgotten. The simple solution to this is creating backups of significant scripts. However, it’s easier said than done. It either requires a manual process – logging into the system, scraping whichever scripts are present, and documenting them.

The good news is Devin and his team have found another way. They use the ThreatConnect Platform to identify all different scripts present, back up the critical ones, and store every version of these scripts. This method enables tracking changes, understanding the organic development that occurs, and gaining visibility into the overall environment.

Devin referred to this methodology as an incredibly powerful engine that, when leveraged correctly, could break down silos across teams and organizations while improving the effectiveness of analysts.

Do you want to adapt to this new powerful methodology? Don’t miss the chance to revolutionize your DevOps practices! Watch this episode of our Smarter Security Series!