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Peaky Blinders: Combat Ransomware Gangs with High Fidelity Intelligence-Driven Operations

The plague of ransomware continues to grow in 2022 with attacks raging through industries and affecting structures such as oil pipelines, payroll systems, and managed service provider software. Many reports indicated that there were more than 700 million attempted ransomware attacks in the past year alone. The resulting costs to businesses and the time lost by security and IT teams is higher than ever before.

Ransomware is too sophisticated and too diverse to succumb to any “silver bullet” security solution or tactic. To stand up to ransomware groups it’s essential that organizations develop an in-depth understanding of their adversary’s tooling, capabilities, and behaviors leading up to, during, and after a ransomware infection.  Cyber Threat Intelligence tradecraft is uniquely positioned to aid organizations to accomplish just that.

Learn how you can leverage early-stage ransomware intelligence in the ThreatConnect platform to reduce the time to detection of malware infections and potentially prevent future ransomware attacks. We cover topics such as:

  • Understanding the Ransomware Lifecycle and High-Fidelity Intelligence
  • High Profile Cases w/ Common Attack Regressions
  • Operationalizing CTI using ThreatConnect’s TIP/SOAR technology
  • Building playbooks to action Ransomware Intelligence
  • Curating Ransomware Intelligence for triage and hunt use cases 
  • Enabling downstream tools for quality intelligence

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