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Evolving risk quantification using automation

At ThreatConnect, we hear firsthand that organizations are struggling to implement the FAIR model for cyber risk quantification so we designed a way to solve this issue.

Risk Quantification 6.0 (RQ) provides the semi-automation companies need to evolve existing FAIR practices to scale and show a wide range of financial impacts and risk scenarios with less effort.

Watch this webinar to see how RQ:
– Automates the Loss Event Frequency (LEF) calculations to quickly operationalize FAIR.
– Automates LEF by analyzing how attackers beat defenses using MITRE ATT&CK and frameworks like the NIST CSF.
– Provides actionable reporting for business stakeholders.
– Demonstrates what financial recommendations and prioritization looks like for better business decisions and collaboration with business stakeholders.



Want to see how automation of FAIR can benefit your organzation? Contact us to learn more or request a demo.