Playbook Fridays

Intelligence-Driven Orchestration: Decide Sooner. Operate Faster.

ThreatConnect’s Playbooks feature orchestrates all your people, processes, and tools – across the SOC, IR and TI teams – using an easy drag-and-drop interface. Read more about ThreatConnect’s Intelligence-Driven Orchestration here.

Since Playbooks can be critical when it comes to increasing efficiencies in security teams, we often use Fridays on our blog to focus on practical implementation ideas for our customers. The articles below highlight different playbooks – why they were created, instructions on how to build them, and details on how they can work for your organization.

You can also find Playbooks templates in our Github repository. The repository gives ThreatConnect customers the ability to create and share Playbooks, Playbook Components, and Playbook Apps for use with their instance of ThreatConnect. And if you have one to contribute yourself, you can do so there.