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ThreatConnect Selected by NorSec ISAO for True Threat Intelligence

NorSec ISAO to Use Industry’s Most Widely Adopted Threat Intelligence Platform for Intelligence Aggregation, Analysis and Member Collaboration

Arlington, VA – December 15, 2015 – ThreatConnect® Inc., creator of the most widely adopted Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP), today announced a partnership with the NorSec Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO). The partnership aims to strengthen the cybersecurity posture of NorSec’s public and private sector members across the country.”By leveraging ThreatConnect’s ISAO Edition, NorSec can identify active threats presented through phishing campaigns, network malfeasance and new attack patterns, and push intelligence to the NorSec ISAO Community members in real-time,” explains NorSec’s Executive Director Ron Fresquez. Matthew J. Harmon, NorSec’s Board Chair and Founder adds, “Cyber adversaries move with speed and stealth. It is our belief that all types of organizations, including those beyond traditional critical infrastructure sectors, need to be able to share and respond to cyber risk in as close to real-time as possible. The ThreatConnect platform makes this possible.”The ISAO model, which emerged out of the Executive Order – Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing, aims to bind together organizations “on the basis of sector, sub-sector, region, or any other affinity” for the purposes of enhanced cyber situational awareness. While certification guidelines are being established for ISAOs, early adopters and thought leaders, like ThreatConnect and NorSec ISAO, are boldly pushing ahead.

“ThreatConnect is uniquely positioned to support the ISAO model – including those ISAOs forming around public and private sector collaboration,” said Christy Coffey, business development director for ThreatConnect. “We are excited to be partnering with NorSec and implementing Community-powered threat intelligence to protect their resource rich member-base across the state of Minnesota.”

Those interested in learning more about ThreatConnect’s ISAC and ISAO editions should write to


About ThreatConnect

ThreatConnect, Inc. is the leading provider of advanced threat intelligence products and services including ThreatConnect®, the most comprehensive Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) on the market. ThreatConnect delivers a single platform in the cloud and on-premises to effectively aggregate, analyze, and act to counter sophisticated cyber-attacks. Leveraging advanced analytics capabilities ThreatConnect offers a superior understanding of relevant cyber threats to business operations. To  learn more about ThreatConnect, visit:


About NorSec

The NorSec ISAO (Information Sharing & Analysis Organization) was formed to operate as a Not-for-Profit organization to support and implement: Section 3 of Executive Order 13691 “Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing”PPD-21 “Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience” and Executive Order 13363 “Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity”. Our mission is to advance all aspects of security, technology, organizational resiliency and security standards, and further to support the National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act of 1995. For more information visit:



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Shannon Felder