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ThreatConnect Research Finds Majority of Cybersecurity Leaders Say Threat Intelligence Programs Successfully Blocked Attacks and Prevented Breaches Last Year

Organizations credit threat intelligence programs with saving businesses an average of $8.8 million over twelve months

July 11, 2018 – Arlington, VA – ThreatConnect, Inc.®, provider of the industry’s only extensible, intelligence-driven security platform, today released findings of a survey, “Building a Threat Intelligence Program,” which reveals that despite increasing cyber threats to organizations, those that have threat intelligence programs in place are seeing their efforts to thwart them paying off. Approximately 70 percent of cybersecurity decision makers plan to spend more this year to address elevated risk to their business.

The study focuses on how organizations are leveraging threat intelligence to combat increasing cyber threats. More than half of all organizations with threat intelligence programs surveyed say their organizations’ programs have prevented phishing attacks (67 percent), ransomware attacks (58 percent), breach of customer data (60 percent), insider threats (57 percent), business email compromise (55 percent), and supply chain attacks (49 percent). Those with more mature programs report having a threat intelligence platform in place and getting more benefits from their programs.

“Because cybersecurity threats are an increasing risk, it is ever more important that organizations adopt an intelligence-led approach to their security operations. Organizations leveraging threat intelligence programmatically with automation and orchestration enhance their abilities to prevent, detect, and respond to emerging threat actors, attack patterns and vulnerabilities relevant to them,” said Andy Pendergast, co-author of the Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis and co-founder of ThreatConnect. “And, the survey results underscore this need across organizations of all maturity levels.”

Key Findings Include:

  • Business Leaders Recognize the Importance of Mature Intelligence Programs: More than three-in-four (78 percent) cybersecurity decision makers said that their organizations have successfully used threat intelligence programs in the last year to block threats that otherwise would have cost the business a significant sum of money.
  • Leaders Plan to Invest More in Threat Intelligence in the Next Year: Organizational leaders are committed to expanding the capabilities and security of their programs. More than three-in-five (70 percent) C-Suite leaders surveyed said they plan to invest more in their organizations’ threat intelligence programs in the next twelve months.
  • Historical Threat Data Keeps Organizations in the Know: Most cybersecurity decision makers within organizations with threat intelligence programs in place, say they are able to obtain information pertaining to the location the cyber attack originated from (74 percent) and the types of cyber weapons used (67 percent) during or after an attack.
  • Private Enterprise Eager to Share Threat Intelligence with Government Groups: Nine-in-ten (90 percent) organizational leaders surveyed agree that a better relationship with government groups would foster a better environment for exchanging threat intelligence data.

“Our mission is to provide cybersecurity leaders the tools, visibility, and understanding they need to protect themselves, their data and the business from threat actors,” Pendergast said. “The ThreatConnect Platform and our integrations help organizations both large and small maximize the effectiveness of their existing tools, better manage risks, and take action on threats, ultimately improving their overall security posture now and for the future as threats and adversaries continue to evolve.”

A report of the survey results may be downloaded at: /wp-content/uploads/ThreatConnect-Building-a-Threat-Intelligence-Program.pdf.


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