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ThreatConnect Launches Retail Community for Retailers to Collaborate Around Threat Intelligence

retailersWe have all seen the news. Home DepotGoodwill. Michael’s and Neiman Marcus. These targeted attacks on retailers do not look like they are going to end anytime soon. Even if banks add the chip and pin to credit and debit cards for increased safety, and even if retailers institute stronger POS devices, the reality is that the retail industry will continue to be targeted.

We have seen success with industry communities sharing actionable threat intelligence within ThreatConnect. That is why we are launching a retail community for our global retail customers to experience similar success. When threat intelligence data is caught up within spreadsheets, emails, and spread across team members, it’s hard to see what’s really there and often you miss patterns or tactics that someone else may be reviewing that could help your organization. With ThreatConnect, retailers can join together to aggregate and analyze all of the information they have in one central Threat Intelligence Platform, and share that knowledge with trusted, vetted connections.

Time and time again, certain industries will be the subject of targeted attacks. We’ve seen it with health and medical, with finance, and with retail. As the holiday season approaches, let’s join forces and have a stronger defense to fight back against the bad guys.