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ThreatConnect Included In The Top New Cybersecurity Products at Black Hat USA 2023

CSO Online put together a list highlighting the most significant debuts at Black Hat 2023, including ThreatConnect on the list.

ThreatConnect: Intelligence requirement capabilities
ThreatConnect has enhanced its machine-learning powered TI Ops Platform for threat intelligence operations with new intelligence requirement capabilities. The new feature is aimed at helping customers define, manage, and track their intelligence requirements (IRs), priority intelligence requirements (PIRs) and requests for information (RFIs), and solve the problem of threat intelligence being produced ad-hoc and siloed without input from stakeholders. It’s designed to give security professionals the ability to create optimally defined requirements and use them to identify relevant intelligence within the customer’s own threat library and ThreatConnect’s global intelligence system. The capability is included within the current pricing model and is available to existing and new customers from August 7. ThreatConnect demonstrated the capability from booth #2940 at Black Hat.”


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