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ThreatConnect Expands TIP Capabilities with New Automation Not Available in Similar Products

TC Analyze users may significantly increase their automation use cases with integrations

November 14, 2018Arlington, VA – In an effort to address the growing threat intelligence market need for automation, ThreatConnect, Inc.®, provider of the industry’s only extensible, intelligence-driven security platform, has extended its product offering to include Playbooks in its TC AnalyzeTM product. Built for analysts, by analysts, TC Analyze provides a central place to see teams’ tasks, analyze data, and connect all available security tools.

TC Analyze with the Playbooks feature increases threat intelligence platform (TIP) flexibility by adding automation to formerly disconnected security tools. Customers now have the ability to significantly expand the depth and breadth of the integrations they can use.

With an easy-to-use drag and drop interface, ThreatConnect Playbooks give users the ability to create and customize integrations to power a variety of use cases. Customers can now automate workflows directly from TC Analyze to maximize the value received from their threat intelligence platform.

ThreatConnect VP of Product Andy Pendergast said, “TC Analyze now addresses the universal need to reduce workload and make their threat intel analysts more efficient by automating workflows with integrations so they can be customized and tailored to their needs.”  

The Playbooks feature is available now for new Dedicated Cloud and On-Prem Deployments of TC Analyze. This makes ThreatConnect’s TIP the only commercial software product with this level of automated workflow capabilities built-in on the market today. For customers who need full security orchestration and automation capabilities for their security operations, ThreatConnect offers TC Complete, its flagship product.

About ThreatConnect

ThreatConnect Inc.®, the pioneer in threat intelligence platforms, arms organizations with a powerful defense against cyber threats and the confidence to make strategic business decisions. Built on the industry’s only extensible security platform, ThreatConnect provides a suite of products designed to meet the threat intelligence aggregation, analysis, automation, and orchestration needs of security teams at any maturity level. More than 1,600 companies and agencies worldwide use the ThreatConnect platform to integrate their security technologies, teams, and processes with relevant threat intelligence resulting in reduced detection and response time for enhanced asset protection. To learn more about ThreatConnect, visit: