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ThreatConnect Among 20 Hottest New Cybersecurity Tools At Black Hat 2023

CRN released an article highlighting the ’20 Hottest New Cybersecurity Tools at Black Hat 2023,’ including ThreatConnect on the list.


“ThreatConnect Intelligence Requirement

ThreatConnect, which aggregates cyberthreat intelligence feeds and then prioritizes threats tailored to customers, unveiled a new capability that enables customers to better manage their threat intelligence requirements and requests for information. The new Intelligence Requirement tool makes it “easier to identify relevant intelligence, track the value of their intelligence sources and take proactive action against the most dangerous threats,” ThreatConnect said in a news release. The capability ultimately helps organizations to more effectively articulate the requirements they have around threat intelligence, while also improving productivity by “automatically parsing incoming and relevant intelligence related to each requirement,” the company said.”

Read the full article here.