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Quantifying Cyber Risk – Vital For Business Survival

“With the National Cyber Strategy coming out of the White House focusing on decreasing cyber risk from critical infrastructure and the new SEC Cyber Proposals, organizations across industries are now being tasked with reporting on cyber risk,” said Jerry Caponera, GM of Risk Quantification, ThreatConnect.

“Organizations are finally waking up to the fact that the impact of ransomware and other cyber attacks are more than just the moment in time. The financial implications are far-reaching and creating barriers for companies to continue operations after these attacks,” concluded Caponera.

Quantifying cyber risk is business-specific, and organizations must assess what type of loss they may face, which includes revenue, remediation, legal settlement, or otherwise.

Healthcare industry under constant threat

The healthcare industry is under constant threat of attack, as ransomware threat groups target the industry in an effort to reap quick financial gain.

Due to universal public backlash at attacks on hospitals and the healthcare industry that put patients’ lives in jeopardy, some ransomware threat groups stated that they would avoid conducting similar attacks in the future.

As one of the most highly regulated industries, healthcare is still behind the curve when it comes to having a solid cybersecurity posture.


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