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ThreatConnect Acquires Polarity to Transform How Security Uses Intelligence
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Now Available: ThreatConnect Powered by SAP HANA

ThreatConnect + SAP HANA: Intelligence-Driven Defense Supercharged with In-Memory Computing

August 9, 2016 – Arlington, VA – ThreatConnect, provider of the leading intelligence-driven defense platform and SAP NS2, a U.S. subsidiary of the global enterprise software company SAP, announce the availability of the ThreatConnect platform built on SAP HANA™, the leading in-memory database and analytic platform.

ThreatConnect CEO Adam Vincent said, “All organizations share several similar and critical cybersecurity challenges. With the latest iteration of our platform, built on SAP HANA, SOC teams can considerably increase computing speed and analytic performance. Couple that with simplifying their technology stack and noticeably reducing multiple layers of hardware as well as software complexity and the results are a team that is efficient and effective in reducing threats to an organization.”

ThreatConnect powered by SAP HANA delivers:

  • Increased Speed and Performance – Faster processing speed enables broader automation
  • Improved Network Threat Hunting – Added speed allows an organization to reach deeper into its own network, even while new data is coming in
  • Enhanced Ability to Identify and Prioritize Threats – Pivot on enriched intelligence more quickly to discover patterns and context about an indicator

Using SAP HANA as its core processing engine allows the ThreatConnect platform to ingest data, perform analysis, and deliver actionable results as quickly as the data is collected. Structured, unstructured, and streaming data can be fused and correlated immediately. With this increased capability critical seconds in the incident detection and response process are eliminated, and added depth of analysis for improved protection is delivered.

About ThreatConnect

ThreatConnect unites cybersecurity people, processes and technologies behind a cohesive intelligence-driven defense. Built for security teams at all maturity levels, the ThreatConnect platform enables organizations to benefit from their collective knowledge and talents; develop security processes; and leverage their existing technologies to identify, protect and respond to threats in a measurable way. More than 1,200 companies and agencies worldwide use ThreatConnect to maximize the value of their security technology investments, combat the fragmentation of their security organizations, and enhance their infrastructure with relevant threat intelligence. To learn more about ThreatConnect, visit:


About SAP National Security Services, Inc. (SAP NS2®)

At SAP NS2®, we are driven to defend. We provide innovative computing, analytics, and cloud solutions that accelerate the pace of data fusion, analysis and action. Our solutions help leaders better manage the business of the mission from the back office to the battlefield, delivering a critical offset over the adversary. As an independent subsidiary of SAP, we’re backed by game changing technology, staffed by 100% U.S. citizens on U.S. soil, dedicated to meeting the unique mission requirements of U.S. national security organizations. Learn more at