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Cyber Squared Inc. Announces Expansion of Data Services with Powerful Domain and Passive DNS Intelligence

ThreatConnect Users Leverage Power of DomainTools and Farsight Security in New Partnerships

Cyber Squared Inc. announced today that ThreatConnect™, the leading threat intelligence platform, has entered into a partnership with DomainTools and Farsight Security, Inc. to provide ThreatConnect users with the industry’s most powerful domain and passive DNS intelligence.

Using DomainTools’ branded Reverse Whois and Registrant Alert services in ThreatConnect’s Track feature, ThreatConnect customers are able to research malicious domain registrants from the industry’s longest running and most comprehensive searchable database of domain name registration and hosting data. With Farsight Security’s passive DNS (pDNS), the de-facto market-leading source for commercial pDNS data, analysts can pivot within ThreatConnect to discover new network indicators related to the threats they are most concerned about, providing custom context and the most relevant threat intelligence data. DomainTools and Farsight Security data services together within ThreatConnect offer users the best DNS based threat intelligence capability on the market.

“We are continuing to expand our data services and to build an integrated platform for threat intelligence that is relevant to our customers,” said Cyber Squared CEO Adam Vincent. “Our customers are the biggest organizations out there, and they need an enterprise-level, best-in-class solution to get the most accurate and up-to-date information on Whois, DNS, and pDNS data. Whether they are investigating malware, a spear-phishing incident, DDOS, or another kind of theft or fraud, ThreatConnect is made stronger through partnerships with services from such leading organizations as DomainTools and Farsight Security.”

ThreatConnect enables analysts to engage in predictive network defense by allowing them to grow their knowledge of threats, discover new indicators, and make associations to adversaries that pose a risk to their networks. A platform such as ThreatConnect allows users to aggregate their data, then analyze it using crowd-sourced intelligence coupled with the ability to search through resources like Farsight Security’s DNSDB and DomainTools’ Reverse Whois and Registrant Alert services, resulting in an extremely powerful platform with capabilities no other company is offering today.

“We’re pleased to work with ThreatConnect, and deliver our data services to make their platform even stronger,” said DomainTools VP of Marketing & Product Jeff Day. “We are committed to providing the most comprehensive domain name and DNS research and monitoring tools worldwide, and working with ThreatConnect’s global customer base means reaching many more people.”

“Passive DNS data has become a must-have for comprehensive DNS research and effective network security forensics,” said Bert Lathrop, Chief Operating Officer of Farsight Security, Inc. “We know that the most sophisticated and mature organizations are using our data to assess network-counterparty configuration history and associated risk, and to amplify the value of their threat intelligence data. Working with ThreatConnect means that over 2,000 global users are now able to take advantage of our services.”

DomainTools data is immediately available to ThreatConnect subscribers through the Track feature. Farsight Security’s pDNS service is available in Beta now and will be available to all ThreatConnect subscribers in mid-Q2. Results from both DomainTools Reverse Whois and Registrant Alerts as well as Farsight Security pDNS are available to be chosen as Indicators and associated with tracked Threats or Adversaries within ThreatConnect.

For more information on ThreatConnect, please visit: For more information on DomainTools, please visit: For more information on Farsight Security, Inc., please visit:

About Cyber Squared Inc.

Cyber Squared Inc., is recognized globally as a leading provider of advanced threat intelligence products and services. Cyber Squared’s flagship product, ThreatConnect® is an enterprise threat intelligence platform that bridges incident response, defense, and threat analysis. More than 2,500 users and organizations worldwide leverage the power of ThreatConnect both on-premises and in the cloud to increase productivity and deliver dynamic knowledge management, high context indicators, and automated responses to aggregate, analyze, and act to counter sophisticated cyber-attacks.  ThreatConnect can be accessed by visiting Learn more about Cyber Squared Inc. at

About DomainTools® 

DomainTools offers the most comprehensive searchable database of domain name registration, Whois records and hosting data for online investigations and research.   Cyber security analysts, fraud investigators, domain professionals and marketers use DomainTools to investigate cybercrime, protect their assets and monitor online activity. DomainTools has 12 years of history on domain name ownership, Whois records, hosting data, screenshots and other DNS records.  That’s why customers say, “Every online investigation starts with DomainTools.” DomainTools customers include many Fortune 1000 companies, leading vendors in the Security and Threat Intelligence community and most crime-fighting government agencies. Individual users can start with an online Free Trial available at

About Farsight

Farsight is a privately held Delaware corporation exclusively focused on the development of leading edge security solutions for ISPs, network and system security solution providers, governments, and medium to large commercial companies. Leveraging its superior telemetry data collection and processing capabilities, Farsight provides its clients with cloud-based, real-time network observability and reporting solutions.

Like ISC before it, Farsight is committed to sharing its security-related telemetry data with security industry partners and academic researchers at nominal, non-discriminatory subscription rates. In support of its mission as a clearing house for such data, Farsight invites network operators and commercial clients to provide additional telemetry data, which will increase the volume, quality and accuracy of its data provision services thus improving the overall safety of the Internet as a viable commercial marketplace.

For further information, please visit