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Silent Push

Silent Push reveals adversary infrastructure, campaigns, and security problems by searching across the most timely, accurate and complete Threat Intelligence dataset available. Defenders can focus on stopping threats before they cause a problem and significantly  improving their security operations across the entire attack chain whilst simultaneously reducing operational complexity.  

The Silent Push platform exposes Indicators of Future Attack (IoFA) by applying unique behavioral fingerprints to attacker activity and searching our dataset.  Security teams can identify new impending attacks, rather than relying upon out-of-date IoCs delivered by legacy threat intelligence.

Silent Push Platform

Silent Push scans, clusters, scores and enriches the global IPv4 range in a first-party database that outputs indicators of future attack (IoFA) – domain, IP and URL data – that explains the relationship between billions of observable data points across the internet.

The Silent Push Playbook App enables users to gain rich context and data from Silent Push via API for: 

  • Domains
  • IPv4
  • passive DNS (PADNS)
  • Reputation
  • comprehensive Enrichment

This app can be found in the ThreatConnect TI Ops Platform App Catalog under the name: Silent Push

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