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IntelFinder is the world’s first fully automated and scalable SaaS-based solution for customer-specific and actionable threat intelligence. IntelFinder’s goal is to make threat intelligence accessible and relevant to all organizations. To that end, it provides a full, comprehensive, all-inclusive threat intelligence solution for only $250 a month per brand. Founded by a “Legends of Fraud” award-winning industry veteran and elite military intelligence experts, IntelFinder brings more than 15 years of experience building industry-leading intelligence operations, delivering insights to the world’s largest companies and government agencies.



IntelFinder Alerts

IntelFinder covers a wide variety of threats, including similar domain registration, rogue apps, leaked internal documents, leaked source code, exposed internal subdomains and much more, all provided at a fraction of the cost compared to existing services on the market. The integration includes all of the threats covered by the service, enabling ThreatConnect users to receive intelligence not normally available on threat intelligence platforms.

Note: You must download the IntelFinder Playbooks to go along with this Playbook app in order to utilize this integration. See the User Documentation for more information.

This app is developed and maintained by IntelFinder. This app is available for download on this Marketplace.

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