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APIVoid provides JSON API services used for cyber threat analysis, threat detection and threat prevention, reducing and automating the manual work of security analysts. Our portfolio of threat analysis APIs can help organizations improve the cyber threat risk detection and fraud prevention. With our API services it is possible to identify malicious IP addresses, suspicious URLs or malicious domains, get trustworthiness of a website, get detailed SSL certificate details, get domain age, track all HTTP requests of an URL, and much more. APIVoid is the perfect solution to improve and enrich your SIEM data, reduce payment fraud and prevent fake signups on web forms. Our API services are simple to use, effective and widely used by startups, established businesses, large enterprises, Security Operations Centers and financial institutions.




This app allows Threat Intel Analysts a powerful way to get the reputation information on Hosts, URLs, and Address IOCs. Additionally, you can retrieve a screenshot of the webpage served for a given Host or URL for use in reports, amongst other things. By automating this process, you can bring highly-correlated data enrichment services together into one platform, saving time and increasing efficiency.

The following actions are available for this Playbook app:

  • Get IP Reputation - Get reputation information from APIVoid for a single IP address.
  • Get Host Reputation - Get reputation information from APIVoid for a single Host.
  • Get URL Reputation - Get reputation information from APIVoid for a single URL.
  • Get Screenshot - Get a screenshot from APIVoid for a single URL.
  • Advanced Request

This app is a set of actions designed to work with the APIVoid enrichment service. For full details on using the APIVoid enrichment API please see:

This listing can be found in the ThreatConnect App Catalog under the name APIVoid.

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