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ThreatConnect’s Smarter SOAR — The Holy Grail for SecOps Teams

Gone are the days when SecOps teams had no choice but to act on the basis of uncertainties, deliver uncertain results, or struggle to show the business the value of their actions. Instead, ThreatConnect’s smarter SOAR platform enables today’s defenders to assume their rightful place at the helm of enterprise risk mitigation — and to act with the self-assurance and confidence that accurate threat intelligence makes possible.

The reality is that the fundamental paradigm underpinning how cybersecurity works in the modern enterprise is broken.

Today’s business and security leaders are challenged by:

  • The increasing sophistication of cyberattacks and cyber adversaries
  • A critical shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals
  • A lack of threat intelligence and operational information-sharing
  • The inability to assess, communicate and manage the financial impact of cyber events, and thus the business risk to the organization
  • Underinvestment and a lack of buy-in from the business as a whole

There is widespread consensus about the urgency of solving these issues – but where do we start?


The right security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) platform is essential to start solving these common problems. SOAR makes it possible for SecOps teams to rapidly respond to the greatest operational risks their enterprise faces, and to do so from within a single, centralized hub that houses all the processes and workflows, related insights and intelligence, and necessary reporting capabilities they need to collaborate successfully.

Where there’s too much data and too few resources, it’s essential to implement intelligence-driven solutions that will enable security analysts to focus on what matters most – so they can build sustainable processes that make their daily workflows more efficient, effective, and manageable.

Intelligence-driven SOAR is an essential technology that’s providing the foundation for more efficient, more effective, and smarter security operations. It’s doing so by enhancing visibility into the threats that matter most, enabling security analysts to hone in on the alerts and events that are most deserving of their attention, and making it possible for incident responders to move with speed and purpose. At the same time that it serves as a force multiplier for SecOps teams, intelligence-driven SOAR is also empowering them to demonstrate their true value to the business. When it comes to ROI, there’s no way to lose.

Why the Smarter SOAR?

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Download the new ThreatConnect White Paper on Intelligence-Driven SOAR.

ThreatConnect has built a Smarter SOAR – by fusing intelligence, automation, and orchestration in a one-stop-shop platform. By combining our unmatched Threat Intelligence capabilities, we incorporate current, accurate, and highly relevant information about threats that matter most to your business into our SOAR platform to help unify the activities of the entire security team. When provided with such intelligence, ThreatConnect SOAR helps SecOps teams prioritize effectively, so they can focus on the biggest risks facing their organizations.

ThreatConnect’s Risk, Threat, Response approach makes it possible for SecOps Teams to concentrate their time and efforts in the areas that have the biggest impact. Combining the abilities of risk quantification (RQ), Threat Intelligence, and SOAR in one streamlined and integrated platform does just that. Marrying these three capabilities together enables SecOps teams to:

  • Reduce operational complexity
  • Make decision-making easy
  • Unite processes and technology
  • Continually drive down risk
  • Multiply their defenses (and effectiveness)

With this approach, what were once competing priorities are now transformed into a set of clear directions, giving the business a north star focus and showing it where to head next.

To learn more on how the Smarter SOAR platform can transform the way your Security Operation Teams researches threats, makes decisions, and defends your organization, check out our Whitepaper here!

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Anjali Chauhan

Anjali Chauhan, Content Marketing Manager at ThreatConnect has 4 years of experience in Marketing, Content Creation, and Digital Marketing. Her passion lies in creating meaningful and impactful content. Some of Anjali's favorite hobbies include listening to music from the 80s and 90s, dancing, and spending time with her younger sister.